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    Hmm, thanks Ariel. Unfortunately, that doesn’t quite help…

    The Arial font I’m using is different that what’s appearing in the PDF (see new screenshot, you can tell from the R’s a’s in particular but the one in the form isn’t as compact as the one I’m using.
    [ETA: I may have just figured this out… For some reason, my paragraph style wasn’t fully being applied. When selecting the text, it showed up as Arial, however, my paragraph style was also showing as being used but didn’t seem to be actively applied since the style used Arial MT Std. I selected all, reapplied the correct font and when I exported again, the fonts matched. Now, I just need the Color issue solved.]

    Color: There is a gradient swatch in the document, however, the color assigned to the text is 20% Black. The Form PDF just shows 100% Black.
    [ETA: I believe I just figured THIS out too. It seems FormMagic doesn’t agree with swatch percentages! I just created 20% and 75% Black swatches then went back to all of my styles and assigned the colors to be 100% of the new swatches, instead of 20% or 75% Black. Upon export, the colors appear as they’re supposed to.]

    Blue box color: Not concerned about this as I need the client to be able to see where the editable fields are and I know this won’t print. This is how I supplied the files to them in the past and it worked well.

    Line spacing: I guess I didn’t have to worry about that in my previous file. It would be great if line spacing was supported.. Having multiple text boxes will work and thanks for the work-around… that can just become problematic if the client has copy which runs longer that the box height I’ve created. Which was why I was leaving extra space at the bottom of the form box. But I will use your suggested work-around for this.

    Will email you one other thing separately. Thanks for looking at this and let me know if you have any additional thoughts based on my input above!