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    Thank you for the answer to number 1- that appears to be working

    (2)I placed it in place with the appropriate text, but it does not seem to be working. It looks exactly like this:

    v1 = this.getField(“Text Field_7”).value;
    v2 = this.getField(“Text Field_8”).value;
    this.getField(“Text Field 9”).value = v1-v2;

    (I am subtracting in this case, not dividing)

    For what it’s worth, NONE of the calculation fields are working – I’ve even attempted the simple Sum calculation fields and they are not working. I don’t know if this is related to issue #3 below…

    (3) – When I export the interactive PDF and then run Form Maker in acrobat, the text fields DO function as text fields. When I click into them, I can type and you can see the correct styling. So far so good. But if I click OUT of that text field, that content I’ve typed changes color to black, which is invisible on this design. If I click back into that text field, it remains black.