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    So, there are 2 issues I’m seeing:
    (1) In field 12 we have the same problem as I mention above in field 3. The script there is broken with that extra line break.
    If a calculation script has a major syntax error like that in an Acrobat form, it will break the entire form, because all calculation scripts in the form are run every time a value in the form changes. If one of them has a syntax error, the entire form stops working as a result.
    (2) Field 8. This has a value of “$0.32”. However, $0.32 is not a number (because of the $ sign), so field 9 cannot use it as part of a calculation. The correct way to set this up in an interactive form is to give a value of just “0.32” without the dollar sign. Then, use the formatting options in FormMaker to add the $ sign before the number, and anything else needed. In fact, you’ve done that already. Once you do that, the value is a plain number (0.32), although it will look correctly formatted – $0.32 – and the form should work.
    Hope that helps, post back if there are any other issues!