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    I don’t have screenshots at the moment, but one example where it happens consistently is when applying a “chapter start” master page over the regular “body text” master page. I am not using primary text frames (I never do), but the chapter start master does have a wider top margin. I have an anchored graphic after the chapter title that gets reduced in size when the new master page is applied. But if I switch off Layout Adjustment, then the text box won’t adjust to the new margins, will it? Obviously I want it to do so.

    I have also had it happen that, after using Mastermatic to apply master pages through an entire book, some of the anchored objects (mainly those appearing later in the book) disappear completely. The paragraph in which they are placed is still there, but the object is no longer visible. I haven’t yet figured out the exact circumstances under which that happens.

    Many thanks again for your suggestions.