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    Thank you, Ariel!

    I had tested before what you had proposed about anchoring text fields in the cells. What I found is that since my tables are anywhere from 6 to 10 columns and 50 rows, I have to create the first row with all of the properties in each field (font, size, alignment, text or combo box, etc.) and name each ending in “1”. Then I duplicate the row of fields up to 50 times, which increments the number at the end of the name by one. I would then have to copy and paste each into its corresponding cell. If I need to mass edit any of the properties in the future, I cannot select them in mass, even by the Layers panel. I would have to pick them one by one.

    Regarding writing a script for the table, my scripting is currently rudimentary, so I often search for scripts or ask for help. Using the graphic frame within the cell seemed a better option since I can copy the first row as a whole, then paste it in mass into the table. But, it still leaves me unable to change some properties in mass and not being able to align within the field. It seems it may be best to return to creating the table, aligning it to the grid, and overlaying the text fields snapped to the grid. That way, I can keep it all in InDesign while using FormMaker. By the way, I have asked, and my company will be purchasing that for me soon. I appreciate all of your help.