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    Hi Raphel,
    I had a look at the screencast you sent, and took a screenshot from it:

    You’ll notice that (even before removing the dropword) there is no space between שהכל and נהיה (the lower red box). Whereas there is a space between חדשים and בסימן (as per the top red box).

    So it does seem that somehow, during the course of typesetting, the original space between those two words has gone missing. So when you click to remove the dropword from that bottom paragraph, there is no space between the two words, since Dropword doesn’t add or remove any actual spaces – it just adds a forced line break + tab at the end of the line, or removes it if you cancel the dropword. If a word space exists, it leaves it alone, and if there is no word space, it does not add one.

    Does that make sense?

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