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      Using FormMaker Pro 3.0.3 with InDesign 2020 and Adobe Acrobat DC. When adding a MouseUp event to a button in InDesign, the script does not appear after clicking ok. However, after exporting the interactive PDF and activating the FormMaker elements in Adobe Acrobat, the script appears in the Actions properties of the button.

      It’s impossible to tell if javascript was applied to any particular button because it does not appear. No way to edit the javascript either. What’s happening here? In the screenshot, there’s javascript added to that action but it’s not visible. It does show up in Acrobat.

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        I’ll take a look and post back.

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          Hmm, it seem to be working fine for me on Mojave — see the attached screen capture.
          What version Mac OS version are you on?
          Also, obviously to see the Actions attached to the button, the button must be selected in InDesign.

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            I’m going through the same procedures, same result. Area is blank below the event dropdown but the code transfers over. I’m on Catalina 10.15.6

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              Have you tried closing and reopening FormMaker?
              I’d be happy to take a look at your InDesign file to see if I get the same results with it.

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                Hi, i’ve got exactly the same issue.
                I’m using FormMaker 3.0.5 with InDesign CC2021 on MacOS BigSur
                Thanks for any advice.


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                  Hi AlanM and koelschbf,
                  Just to confirm that this is definitely a problem in Catalina (and presumably BigSur) as well. Works fine in Mojave and on Windows.
                  I will work on a fix and post back ASAP.
                  Thanks for reporting this!

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                    I’ve just uploaded an update to FormMaker. Version 3.0.6 should now fix all these issues, and should be fully compatible with the latest versions of Mac OS, as well as continuing to be fully compatible with Windows.
                    Download the latest version here https://www.id-extras.com/shopping-cart/my-account/
                    Let me know if this fixes everything for you!

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