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    Can you find a way to add the hyperlink data field when using Data Merge? Why can we generate a QR code, but not add a simple URL to a box or a text or whatever you want, visibile in an interactive PDF? I’m creating press releases and this is turning me into a monkey : (

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    Hi Ross,
    You’re right that it doesn’t seem possible to add a plain hyperlink during datamerge, only QR codes!
    However, you could add the hyperlink as a plain text field, and then go to Type > Hyperlinks & Cross-references > Convert URLs to Hyperlinks.
    Does that not work for you?

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    I don’t what to the hyperlink to be seen, my idea was to add a button or the QR code itself whit the hyperlink included.
    Isn’t this insane? I can generate a QR code or a Business Card, but not a simple hyperlink

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    Yes, it probably is a feature that should have been included. You could add your request here: https://indesign.uservoice.com/forums/601021-adobe-indesign-feature-requests
    I know that Adobe do follow that list and work especially on requests that get a lot of votes.
    Oh wait, here you are! https://indesign.uservoice.com/forums/601021-adobe-indesign-feature-requests/suggestions/38815231-hyperlink-in-data-merge

    So the main point is that rather than have a text link (which is clickable in a PDF), you’d like to have that turned into a button? Could you not just add a thick underline to the hyperlink to make it look like a button?

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    I don’t want the hyperlink as a text : (
    You can add the hyperlink to a box or a button, I didn’t think this was so hard

    I have a press release so I’m creating a layout with date, magazine / web portal and I just want to add the QR code in the printed version redirecting to the original article OR a button (or the QR code as well) so they’ll be taken to the same page.

    Thanks anyway

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