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    I have a dialog box with multiple groups and each group has a radio buttons. as you can see in the attached photo, there is a few radio groups. here is the code i have been messing with…

    // ===========
    var ColorBtnGrp = colorInfoPnl.add(“group”, undefined, {name: “ColorBtnGrp”});
    ColorBtnGrp.orientation = “column”;
    ColorBtnGrp.alignChildren = [“left”,”top”];
    ColorBtnGrp.spacing = 10;
    ColorBtnGrp.margins = 0;

    var CMYK = ColorBtnGrp.add(“radiobutton”, undefined, undefined, {name: “CMYK”});
    CMYK.text = “CMYK”;

    var spotsOnly = ColorBtnGrp.add(“radiobutton”, undefined, undefined, {name: “spotsOnly”});
    spotsOnly.text = “Spots Only”;

    var blackSpots = ColorBtnGrp.add(“radiobutton”, undefined, undefined, {name: “blackSpots”});
    blackSpots.text = “Black + Spots”;

    var blackOnly = ColorBtnGrp.add(“radiobutton”, undefined, undefined, {name: “blackOnly”});
    blackOnly.text = “Black Only”;

    ColorBtnGrp.children[0].value = true;
    function colorGrpBtns (colorBtn) {
    for (var i = 0; i < colorBtn.children.length; i++) { if (colorBtn.children[i].value == true) { alert(colorBtn.children[i].text) return colorBtn.children[i].text; } } }

    how to i connect this function to this specific group?

    if needed i can provide full script but its about 250 lines and mostly just dialog right now

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    i figured it out. i just made an if statement for every radio button. if the value is true, then make that layer show



    var customer = myEvent.target.textFrames.itemByName(“customer name”);
    customer.contents = customerInput.text

    if(unwind1.value == true){
    myEvent.target.layers.itemByName(“Unwind 1”).visible = true;
    var unwind1layer = myEvent.target.layers

    if(unwind2.value == true){
    myEvent.target.layers.itemByName(“Unwind 2”).visible = true;
    var unwind2layer = myEvent.target.layers

    if(unwind3.value == true){
    myEvent.target.layers.itemByName(“Unwind 3”).visible = true;
    var unwind3layer = myEvent.target.layers

    if(unwind4.value == true){
    myEvent.target.layers.itemByName(“Unwind 4”).visible = true;
    var unwind4layer = myEvent.target.layers

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    right now i have this script working good, but it only effects the pages in the layout, not the master page. is there a way to have it effect the master page?

    below is the function i call. Is it possible to change Document to MasterPage or something like that?

    function myOpenFunction(myEvent){

    if(myEvent.target instanceof Document){

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    What is the “myEvent” variable?

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