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    Hi. In Extract Pages I can only export as a PDF but the website shows and says I can export as JPEG, PNG, etc. How do I do this? There’s literally no option to do this. It only says export as a PDF…


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    Hi WeberBr,
    The latest version has these features.
    If your purchase was within the last 12 months, you are eligible for a free upgrade. When was the original purchase?
    Otherwise, an upgrade is available for $29. Here’s a link: http://www.id-extras.com/shopping-cart/?wp_eStore_add_to_cart=84

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    Hi Ariel-
    I know it was sometime last fall, but not entirely sure of the exact date. The email used was different (it’s a basic email for my department) from the email I am using to login here. How do I know if I can get the update free?

    Thank you.

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    I found the purchase, it is more than 12 months ago, but as the release of the upgrade was within 12 months, you are eligible for a free upgrade.

    To get the free upgrade, please click on the link below.
    At checkout, instead of paying with Paypal, select Bank Transfer and proceed as usual with the checkout.
    This will be approved manually our end, and at that point your account will be upgraded.


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