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      I’ve gone through the normal steps of getting the total value of box A+B in box C. It all works correctly when exported via the FormMaker script inside of Acrobat. However, the client we’re building this form for uses Foxit, not Acrobat, and has reported that the calculation doesn’t work for them. I downloaded Foxit to see the issue and sure enough, the calculations aren’t working.

      Foxit isn’t seeing the calculation instruction under the properties window. It just sees box C as “Value is not calculated”, despite it being there in InDesign and in Acrobat.

      In order to solve this issue for the client, I’ve needed to manually set the calculations inside of Acrobat (or Foxit – same process). For some reason, Foxit isn’t seeing the FormMaker script version of the same instruction.

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        Hi Anagoge,

        I downloaded Foxit and gave it a spin. It seems you are correct. When calculations are created with FormMaker, although they run fine in Acrobat, they do not work well with Foxit.

        The workaround I’ve found is to use a custom calculation script in FormMaker. It’s not quite as easy as using the option “The value is the sum of the following fields”, and then picking the fields, but it’s not too bad.

        If your document has 3 fields called Text Field 1, Text Field 2, and Text Field 3, the following custom calculation script (which you may paste into the custom calculation box in FormMaker) will display in Field 3 the sum of Fields 1 and 2:

        event.value = this.getField("Text Field 1").value + this.getField("Text Field 2").value;

        Custom calculations like this created with FormMaker do seem to work fine in Foxit.

        I hope that helps!


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          Thanks for the script tip! This gets us around the Foxit issue, just a shame that it basically means calculations are no longer possible the normal way via FormMaker. I know that’s not a FormMaker issue, more of a Foxit one, just frustrating!

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            You’re welcome.

            The issue I think is actually an Acrobat issue, in my opinion. FormMaker applies calculations via scripting, but Acrobat doesn’t quite register them properly.

            Foxit looks fairly robust, TBH. I’m wondering if there’s a way of running FormMaker in Foxit and avoiding Acrobat. If I figure something out, I’ll post back.


            PS If anyone sees this message, and would like to see better support for FormMaker in Foxit, please leave a comment here! The more people ask, the more likely it will be done.

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