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    Kira Young

    Hi, my team and I all use FormMaker and it’s been a lifesaver for our forms process. Today, I went to export a form and I got the following error message(s):

    “Failed to export PDF” and then the only option is to click Ok and when you click that, a 2nd pop-up says “An error occurred trying to export the file to interactive PDF. The file may be open in another application, or check the file name, and try again”

    This is normally the type of message I receive when I’ve accidentally tried to save over a PDF that’s already open, but this was saving to a brand new PDF. Any idea what might be going wrong. This happened on 2 different documents for me, and my co-worker was thankfully able to export the PDF for me from FromMaker and I could run the acrobat script and that worked as normal.

    We are running FormMaker 3.0.8 and InDesign version 17.3


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    Hi Kira,
    Very happy to hear you’re finding it useful!
    Here’s a few things to try:
    (1) Apart from closing the document in Acrobat, perhaps try closing Acrobat itself.
    (2) When exporting the PDF with FormMaker, check the “Show export dialog” checkbox. In the export dialog box, disable (temporarily) “View PDF after Exporting”. Does that work?
    (3) Try exporting the file as an interactive PDF without using FormMaker. Does that work or does that also throw an error?
    (4) Try restarting InDesign and Acrobat.
    (5) Are you using OneDrive or Dropbox? I’ve noticed that sometimes if those apps are busy uploading files, those files are marked as “in use” and can’t be overwritten. Try temporarily pausing syncing in those apps, or disabling them.
    (6) If all else files, restart your computer (there might be some instance of Acrobat running in the background, and restarting the computer will kill that).

    I think one of those options should work. Let me know how it goes!


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    Oh, and also, does saving the PDF with a different name work?

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    Kira Young

    Thanks for the response, it seems to be working now.

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