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      I’m sure you’re sick of me already after the previous thread! I’m making a new thread for a non-urgent, non-bug related request.

      The field selection window is currently not resizable. This means that any field names longer than 18 characters aren’t automatically displayed without scrolling right. As field selection requires knowing the entire field name, it’d be useful to be able to see the whole name at once. Is it possible to make the field selection window resizable?

      See screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/qi04Ve2.png

      Additionally and half-related to FormMaker, I would love to see InDesign’s “Tab Order” window (Object > Interactive > Set Tab Order) redone in FormMagic with a resizable window for the same reason as above. InDesign’s window is broken – it doesn’t even drag and drop field names above/below each other properly. Having a working tab order window would save so much time!

      Much appreciated.

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        Hi Anagoge,
        Not at all — happy to get your input here on FormMaker!
        Good ideas for a future request. I think making the field selection window resizable should be straightforward. To redo the Tab Order window is more involved.*
        When I get a chance to deal with this, I’ll send out emails.

        * I think FormMaker’s calculation order system is a bit user-unfriendly. So I would expect to work on improving that before working on the tab-order thing.

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