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      I want to create identical fields on several pages (same name of fields so that they fold up on their own)
      But when exporting PDF is added “.page#” at the end of the field, so field names are no longer identical.
      Is there a solution to have the same fields on several pages?

      Thanks for the help

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        I’m not sure what you mean “so that they ‘fold up’ on their own”?

        When I have indentically-named fields and export to PDF, I get, e.g., “Text Field 1#0” and “Text Field 1#1”.

        This is something Acrobat does, and it’s not even possible in Acrobat to delete the #0 and #1.

        But, despite the suffix, they are still considered to have the same name, and if you type something into one of the fields, the same text appears in the other field as well.


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          Sorry but english is not my native language.
          I took a screenshot so you can see the problem.
          Both of those two fields are the same, despite being on differents pages.
          After the export “.page#” id added a the end of the name.

          I have many other fields, all with the same problem (I deleted them for the screenshot)


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            Ok, thanks for the screenshot.

            I think what’s happening is that your form fields are on a master page in InDesign. Is that correct?

            If so, again it’s InDesign that adds this suffix to the field names. To avoid this, you would need to override the master-page item, so that each field on each page actually exists on the real document page, not just the master page.

            Does that make sense?

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              That’s it, the fields are configured on master because they are repeated on several pages.

              If I configure them on my document and copy and paste them, the names are modified, a number is added at the end of the field name.

              So these fields no longer have the same name.
              I have hundreds of field to rename.

              Is there a simple solution?



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                A script could be written to release the selected field from the master page, and rename all those fields on the live document pages.

                But again, when you look at them in Acrobat, they will still have a different suffix: MyField#1, MyField#2, MyField#3 etc. That can’t be changed, because it’s something Acrobat does.


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