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    Hi there. We picked up the latest version of V-justify (v1.60) a few days ago after first trying the demo (v1.5.1).  The demo seemed to be working correctly for us but the official version v1.60 simply doesn’t unfortunately.  We’re on the latest version of Indesign in Windows.

    Please have a look at the image below. Pressing Justify does nothing.  In the demo, it would work as expected. If we change the Justification Target to “As reported by Indesign…”, at the 13mm you see in the screen shot, it will still do nothing, but if go higher than that, it fully justifies the page.   Of course, that option wasn’t available in the demo v1.5.1 and we don’t want to be using Indesign’s in-built vertical justification features we don’t think anyway.  In the cases where it doesn’t do anything, we get the left-to-right wiggle of the dialog box.

    Holding down Shift and clicking Justify (Extreme) also does absolutely nothing with the Justification Target set to “The bottom of the text frame”.  Extreme Justify does work when the Justification Target is set to “As reported by Indesign…”.

    Hopefully that’s enough to help you get this fixed.  If it’s going to take some time, would you be able to provide us with an earlier version? As mentioned, the demo version 1.5.1 seemed to be working as it should for us.


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    Hi Caitlin,

    Thanks for posting.

    Is there any chance you could send me your InDesign file to take a look and see what the issue is?

    Meanwhile, it’s important to understand that the option “As reported by InDesign’s own vertical justification” does not mean that you are using ID’s vertical justification! It just means that V-Justify is getting InDesign to “report” what it thinks is the bottom of the text frame/column. V-Justify then uses its own, improved logic, to justify the page.

    In fact, this option is identical to the way things were in version 1.5.1 (the demo you tried). So I would definitely recommend using the “As reported…” option, as that is the same as the demo.

    I would still like to take a look at your file to see why the other option isn’t working. (My guess is that it’s to do with the text-frame inset that seems to be applied, based on your screenshot. I would guess that if you remove that inset everything should work properly. But if I could have the file I could confirm the issue in your case.)

    Hope that helps!

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    Thanks for getting back so quickly.  Changing the inset didn’t seem to help.

    Here’s a link to the file. The password is    thankyou   .  Please let me know if there’s anything else you need.

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    Hi Caitlin,

    Thanks for the file.

    Changing the bottom inset of the frame to zero does work for me, and at this point both “Target” options work.

    I will try to get out a fix for this soon so that the “Bottom of frame” option works also when there is inset.

    Meanwhile, though, as I say, if you choose the first option “As reported…”, you’re getting the same behaviour as the trial version, which worked for you.


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    Hi Ariel,

    Thanks for the continued help with this. We’re really hoping that this plug in can work for our purpose as there isn’t anything else out there. When we were playing with the demo, we thought we had seen it getting the text closer to vertical justification, even if the maximums we set weren’t big enough to fully justify the page. This is really our goal: we don’t want the text to necessarily reach the bottom of the page. Rather, we want to be able to add a maximum of a certain amount of space after paragraphs to get the text closer to vertical justification, but not beyond the maximum limits. We thought the demo was doing this when we tried it out – but on further investigation yesterday, we weren’t able to reproduce the behavior we thought we saw. However, now our best guess is that the actual V Justify is not set up to work this way but rather will only fully justify the text. It seems that the dialogue box shakes left/right when the maximums aren’t set high enough to fully justify. We see now that this is the purpose of using the shift key for the extreme justify setting to help people see if it’s the limits that are set too tight.

    Thus we’d like to ask if it would be possible to add a new feature to this plug in! For example, perhaps a new justification style?  In places where there is lots of space at the bottom, we would want V Justify to extend the text to the max limits that we set, but not fail if it can’t get the text to the bottom of the page – just go as far as it can.  Maybe this is already possible and we just don’t have the right settings.  But if not, is there any possibility this could be added as a feature?

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    Hi Caitlin,

    You are correct: V-Justify is set up to fully justify the frame. If it isn’t able to do this, it will return the spacing to the defaults.

    The way V-Justify is written, however, happens to make it very easy to add the feature you request, which I’ve now done.

    I’ve also fixed the issue with the inset in the text frame causing V-Justify to fail.

    So please download the latest version (1.6.2) from the My Account page.

    In this new version, I’ve added another modifier key: Clicking on the Justify button while holding down Ctrl (Cmd on a Mac) tells V-Justify to add the maximum space (or reduce the space to minimum, depending on the user-selected justify mode) and keep those changes even if the frame cannot be fully justified. I think this is what you were asking for.

    Let me know how it goes!



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    Wow, I’m so impressed and grateful, Ariel. I downloaded v1.6.2 and it works exactly how we hoped it would. Thank you very much for creating V-Justify and for making adjustments so quickly. This plugin is going to be a major timesaver for us. Thank you again, so very much.

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