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      We have master pages set up for chapter openers and for running text pages. I’ve created different chapter openers (1) for book chapters and (2) for front/backmatter sections (introduction, foreword, bibliography etc.).

      The master pages for the text pages that follow these openers are also different for main text pages and front/backmatter pages due to the way their respective running heads are handled (even though they share the same page architecture).

      What I want is for every page after a front/backmatter opener page to have an F-master style and every page after a main-text opener page to have an M-master style.

      That is, I want the master page governing the text following an opener page to be different depending on what the opener page is.

      The ‘sticky’ function is different, in that it would apply the opener page to subsequent pages. So I’m looking for something else.

      The script options say to apply such and such a master page to every page in the book not governed by a contrary rule. So what I end up with is the M-master style applied to every page within the front/backmatter.

      Did I miss something? This degrades the usability of this script, at least for book designers.

      I hope I explained the problem clearly enough.

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        Fear no degradation!
        The ‘sticky’ function is what you’re looking for, and it was designed for this in mind.
        For the main text, no need to use the sticky function, as you know. Simply apply M to all pages, and a special chapter-opener master to the first pages of each chapter.
        Next, beneath these setting (to override them, they must be beneath), set up 2 rules.
        (1) Apply your F-master to the front-matter-opener style, and check the ‘sticky’ function to make that setting stick until the next instance.
        (2) Beneath (1), again select the front-matter opening style, and this time choose the front-matter-opener master page, and make sure the sticky function is unchecked.
        This will cause all prelim pages to have the F master applied, and the prelims openers to have their own master page applied.
        That way you can have different running heads for prelims/end-matter (e.g. Introduction on both recto and verso), and for regular chapter, say Author and Book Title or whatever.
        Let me know if that works for you.

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          I’ll have to experiment with this and report back. Thank you!

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