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      I am trying to export a form from Indesign to be a PDF.

      The fields were created before I got FormMaker.

      Do I need to open every field, and open FormMaker whilst highlighting the field.

      When it’s a simple text field there does not seem to be much offering from FormMaster on this particular form.

      FormMaker will let me click on “Create an Interactive PDF” but no further.

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        Hi Warren,
        Even if it’s an older form, you should not need to open every field. FormMaker will automatically recognize existing form fields in your InDesign document and carry over the formatting and any default text, etc., that they contain.
        Of course, they do need to be proper form fields in InDesign, not just text frames. And obviously some sort of text styling (and/or default text) has to have been applied to them.
        If it’s still not working, feel free to send me the InDesign document privately and I’ll take a look.

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          Hi Ariel,

          Thanks for the prompt reply.

          Somewhere there must have been a box that wasn’t right.

          I opened a new file and copied the form information over page by page and it is working so that’s great.

          When it’s the first time you use something new you tend to think you have not installed it correctly or something silly, but it’s working now and I like what it does.

          Many thank


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            This problem arises again every so often. Is it because of an error in the Indesign form, I have cleared all the overset text, and any other problems I can find?

            I have closed Indesign down and reopened it, I have closed my computer down. I have even taken out parts of my design bit by bit thinking that if there was a problem with a script or a form it would work once this was removed. I even took it to the stage where the pages were all blank and it didn’t create the interactive pdf.

            Any ideas. Should I reinstall the FormMaker file? This didn’t seem to stop working as I added more parts to the form it just stopped allowing me to create an interactive pdf. When I press the button it goes blue but goes no further.



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              Hooray I got it working.

              It seems a field was hidden away behind the background and so was not showing. However the name of it was still on the pick list when I went to enter a calculation script.

              Learning on the job I think it’s called.


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                Sounds like you might have found a bug with FormMaker, but I’m glad you got it working.
                If you can send me the InDesign file I’ll be happy to take a look.


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