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      Hello, I’d like to inquire about anchored text frames in InDesign. Currently, when I export the document to a Word file, the content within the anchored text frames is consolidated at the end of the document. I’m wondering if there’s a script adjustment that can ensure the content of the anchored text frames remains in its original position.

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        Hi Joyce,
        Thanks for posting on the forum!
        Export to Word Pro relies on InDesign’s own “Export to RTF” feature to export the text.
        However, at least with InDesign 2022 (version 18) seems to maintain anchored objects also in the exported Word file. Anchored objects stay anchored to the text also in Word.
        If you do want anchored object content to remain in its original position, perhaps a solution would be to run the free “Anchored Text Uncaged” script (https://www.id-extras.com/anchored-text-uncaged/) before running Export to Word?


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