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    Gopa Campbell

      I have been using the Line Numbers script successfully for some time but suddenly it has started generating the line Numbers in the “Basic” style instead of the correct ScriptLineNumbers style. I also can’t export the document to pdf. It fails every time. help!

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        Hi Gopa,
        It sounds a little like document corruption.
        There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to export your doc to PDF — Line Numbers just adds a text frames alongside the main frames with numbers in them, and there’s nothing there that could cause PDF export to fail.
        You could try exporting to .idml to see if that fixes things.
        Regarding Line Numbers using the Basic object style, what I would do in such a case is delete all the things that Line Numbers has created, and then run it again, so it can rebuild them. This would include the Line Numbers layer (in the Layers panel), and the ScriptLineNumbers object style and paragraph style.
        Does any of that help?

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        Old Content

          I finally got the document to export by taking out the small amount of Chinese text and outlining those characters instead. I think the export was being hindered by the huge size of the font. But for this document, which is nearly 800 pages long, I still can’t get the script to put the numbers in the correct style sheet and color, even after doing removing all the Line Numbers styles and layers and also doing a “save as” to IDML before trying again. They always comeout  in “Basic Style” in black. I did also make a new 1 page test document from scratch and LineNumbers behaves correctly here, so I guess there is something in the file that is impeding Line Numbers. I also tried just putting line numbers in one frame to see if maybe the whole long document was creating problems, but the same thing happens. Then I copied and pasted that single page into a brand new document, and there LineNumbers worked correctly. My workaround for my long document, finally, was to create a character style and run it on the “Basic Style,”  which wasn’t used anywhere else in the document except in LineNumbers.

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