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      Hello, Ariel,

      The font I have set for the textframe (Arial, 10 pt) is being overridden by the font selected in Buttons and Forms (Minion Pro, 12 pt) when exporting to PDF through FormMaker. I’ve had this issue in the past and was sent an update patch for FormMaker.

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        I’m not seeing this problem on Windows, with FormMaker version 3.1.0.

        What version of FormMaker are you using? And Mac or Windows?

        If you’re applying Arial to a text field, I would expect a substitution to occur to Helvetica, as explained here: https://www.id-extras.com/help/formmagic/#:~:text=6.2-,Font%20Substitution,-Windows%20users%20normally

        … but not to Minion?

        Also, if I sent a patch for this, and you want to avoid any font substitutions, why not use that patch?


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          Hello Ariel,

          I am on Windows 10 and using FormMaker 3.1.1 Pro. I had used that patch in the past, and it worked.  Regarding font substitutions for Arial in InDesign, it comes out as Arial MT in Acrobat, which is fine. But in the past few weeks, it has allowed the default font of Minion Pro that is selected under Buttons and Forms. I will search for where I stored the patch you sent me before and try it again. Thanks for your help.


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            Hi Teagan,

            It’s strange to me that it that anything should have changed in the last few weeks. FormMaker hasn’t been updated that recently, and, even if it had, it doesn’t update itself automatically, the user has to download the new version.

            Is the text field in question a rich-text field (with at least 2 types of formatting) or a plain text field?

            I’m wondering if to get rid of the whole mechanism for font substitution at this point. Since fonts are embedded anyway with FormMagic and FormMaker, the need for this substitution is not so clear.


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