Version 2.5.9

Added progress bar functionality

Version 2.5.8

Updated activation routine

Version 2.5.7

Fixed bug: Conditional check for searchBackwards property to ensure compatibility with older InDesign versions (removed if not supported)

Version 2.5.6

Resolved server migration issue
Added searchBackwards=false parameter
Improved measurement unit control

Version 2.5.5

Replaced location checkboxes with radio buttons and added a default “in place” option for clarity
Fixed edge case related to moving objects to the previous paragraph when working with the first paragraph

Version 2.5.0

Added option to anchor objects to the start of a paragraph
Disabled fitting functionality when autosize height or fixed height is set (CC2019 onwards)
Prevented creation of nested anchored objects (anchored-in-anchored) for stability reasons
Added try/catch block to ensure newly created frame bounds can be read

Version 2.4.6

Fixed minor bug in deltaFit function related to text overflow

Version 2.4.5

Implemented user interface preference storage
Reset measurement units to default values

Version 2.4.0

Updated “About” dialog to version 1.4
Fix minor UI typo
Fixed crash that occurred when fitting anchored objects that were overset

Version 2.3.3

Updated “About” dialog to version 1.3
Updated validation checks to version 1.8

Version 2.3.2

Fixed bug where paragraph styles applied to anchored objects were removed from text

Version 2.3.1

Improved frame fitting logic

Version 2.3

Added option to attach the anchor to the previous paragraph

Version 2.2

Updated “About” dialog to version 1.2
Updated validation checks to version 1.6

Version 2.1

Added width field in UI
Added auto-fit-to-height