Have you always wished that the quick-apply feature would respect your paragraph style’s Next Style setting?

Have you always wished that there would be an easy shortcut for Next Style?

Well, now there is!

This free script emulates a simple version of Quick Apply, but this time — Next Style settings are respected. Here’s a screenshot:

Quick Apply with Next Style Script for InDesign Screenshot

To use: Like InDesign’s built in Quick Apply feature, simply select one or more paragraphs, and then run the script. (It’s probably best to assign a keyboard shortcut to the script, so that you can easily access it. I’ve chosen CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER (CMD+SHIFT+ENTER on a Mac) because it’s similar to the Quick Apply shortcut. Type the first few letters of the paragraph style you want to apply, or select it from the list. If you want to clear any local overrides, select the checkbox. Then hit Enter. The first paragraph will now have the style you’ve chosen applied to it. The next paragraph (if you selected more than one initially) will have the Next Style applied to it, and so on.

Quick and easy – and much simpler than InDesign’s built-in method, which is to open the paragraph styles palette, right click on it, and select “Apply Paragraph Style, then Next Style, clearing overrides”!

As usual, to install, click on the download link, unzip the file, and place it in your Adobe Scripts folder. (Easiest way to find that folder is to open InDesign, open the scripts palette, right-click on a script, and choose “Reveal in Explorer/Finder”.)

Your feedback in the comments section below is always appreciated. You may not distribute this script, but please feel free to share the link to this page, where the latest version will be available.

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Quick Apply with Next Style works with all versions of InDesign, from CS4 up to the current edition, on Mac and Windows.