Change Consecutive Paragraphs

Change Consecutive Paragraphs

This simple script is another crucial addition to the arsenal of any InDesigner working on long documents.

NEW! Version 1.6 now released!

  • In Version 1.6, you can search through all open InDesign documents.


The script allows you to change the paragraph style of a paragraph in your document depending on the paragraph style of the next or previous paragraph. (From version 1.6.0 you can search through all open documents in InDesign.)

For instance, you can tell the script to change the paragraph style of all paragraphs in your document that follow the chapter title to a non-indented style. So whenever “Body Text” follows “Chapter Title”, change it to “Body Text no-indent.”

Here’s a screenshot:

Change Consecutive Paragraphs (InDesign Script) Screenshot

It’s actually even easier than it looks. Simply place your cursor in the first paragraph. The script will populate the dropdown dialogs with the current paragraph in (1), the next paragraph in (2), and (3) is for you to choose. (Clicking on undo [command+z (ctrl+z on a PC)] once will undo all the changes in one go even if 500 paragraphs were changed when you ran the script.)

The “clear overrides” checkbox tells the script that whenever it applies a new paragraph style, it should clear any local formatting overrides in that paragraph.

Trial Version

Download a trial version of this script here. It will run up to 3 times per document.

Instant Download

To purchase the full version of Change Consecutive Paragraphs for only $49, click the “Buy Now” button. Your product and serial numbers will be available for instant download when you complete the purchase.

Money-back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with Change Consecutive Paragraphs for any reason, simply let us know within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

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“Change Consecutive Paragraphs is an amazing timesaver
for anyone working with text in InDesign!”

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Change Consecutive Paragraphs: $49.00

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System Requirements

  • InDesign CS4 or higher (including CC2018)
  • Windows or Mac computer

Trial Download

Click on the button to download a trial version. The trial version will run up to 3 times per document.

Your thoughts here
  1. Un sensacional script que debe estar en la biblioteca de scripts de InDesign de todo diseñador editorial.

  2. Would this work for multiple paragraphs between paragraph styles? Like for the cookbooks, I will have the following (^b stands for standard carriage return)

    Ingredients (^b) (Paragraph Style applied)
    ingredient 1(^b)
    ingredient 2(^b)
    ingredient 3(^b)
    Directions(^b) (Paragraph Style applied)

    So I would need my “ingredient list” paragraph style applied to all three lines between “ingredients” and “directions”.

    There is never a pattern, since some recipes call for 10 ingredients and some call for 5. The only pattern is that the word “Ingredients” comes before the Ingredient list starts and then “Directions” paragraph style for the Directions header after the Ingredient list is done.

  3. Hi Melinda,

    So, what paragraph style is currently applied to the ingredients list? Is it just [Basic Paragraph]?

    If it is some sort of paragraph style, and you can search for the “Ingredients heading” style followed by “[Basic Paragraph]”, then although the Consecutive Paragraphs script on the page will not work, I do have a more complex version that specifically would work in this way. It’s a little more expensive — contact me for more details.

    It also has the ability to save queries, and even a fully fledged batch editor, so you can run a whole bunch of consecutive paragraph operations with one click…


  4. If you’re interested in the Pro version of Change Consecutive Paragraphs, check out this short demo video I created for Melinda. Her recipe book project was a perfect match for the extended capabilities of CCP Pro!

  5. is the only difference between the pro and the regular the batch?
    how much does the pro cost?

    another question, do you have a similar solution for character styles?

  6. Hi Raphael,

    The main difference is the batch processing. However, the pro also has a nice touch, best explained with an example. Say you have 4 paragraphs with styles A and b:

    With the regular version, you can say ‘if A is followed by B’, and this will affect the 2nd paragraph only (i.e. switch A to C and B (the one immediately following A) to D).

    But with the pro version, you can tell it to change all the Bs, if you like (since they all, in a sense, follow A).

    The pro version is $79.

    We don’t currently have this for char styles, unfortunately. Good idea, though!

  7. How to buy Pro version?

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