Id-Extra’s Translate add-on for InDesign uses the power of Google™ Translate to change your document’s language in a few clicks while retaining the document’s look, layout, and formatting!

Translate‘s main features let you:

  • Choose any of 100+ languages
  • Use the power of Google’s neural machine translation engine (NMT) (where available) to generate a best-in-class machine translation of any InDesign document
  • Preserve the formatting and layout of text
  • Optionally replace the original text, or append the translated text as conditional text
  • Optionally create and apply new paragraph and character styles for each language, set to the correct language and ready to modify
  • Convert the document to language-appropriate Lorem Ipsum text, maintaining formatting and layout
  • Supply your own technical dictionary: Provide a separate word list for each language for technical words and phrases that Google Translate does not know how to translate properly

System Requirements

Requires InDesign CS6 or higher on Windows or Mac computers. Supports InDesign CC2018, but has not been tested with the new endnotes feature yet.

Translate Add-on for InDesign: The UI


Translate uses as “pay-as-you-go” system.

The first step is to buy a “Translation Key”. This costs $5 USD and comes with credit to translate 100,000 characters, or very roughly 14,000 words.

Top-up credit may then be bought as needed at the same rate: $5 USD per 100,000 characters.

Download Now

You may download Translate for InDesign by clicking on the button below.
If you do not purchase a Translation Key, you will still be able to use its Lorem Ipsum converter and explore the way it creates new paragraph and character styles for each language translated, and how it handles appending the translation as conditional text.

But to translate your document to a real language with Google Translate, it is necessary at the minimum to purchase a Translation Key, available here.

The Translation Key comes with a $5 USD credit. Once that is spent, top-up credit for the same Translation Key may be bought here.

Buy Now

Translation Key: $5.00 USD only, including 100,000-character credit.

If you already have a Translation Key, you can purchase additional credit here.


System Requirements

  • InDesign CS6 or higher (including CC2018*)
  • Windows or Mac computer

*Untested with documents using the new “endnotes” feature released in 2018.


Click on the button to download Translate for InDesign. Note that you will not be able to translate a document without purchasing a Translation Key. Click on the Buy Now tab to purchase a Translation Key.