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      Hello dear,

      I have an issue with your script. I’m trying to use it with a list of names that I would like to fit in different text boxes.

      I have a list of more than 10.000 names. My need is to make it so that when there is a name with 4 letters like JOHN the size of the name is 64 pt and when there is a name of 15 letters like FRANCESCANTONIO the size of the name is (for example) 24 pt.

      In your tutorial video I saw it was clear for me, but I’m trying to use your script like is descripted here in your tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CACgHaM2RRA but it doesn’t works for me, the names remain in the same size or they reduce .

      I have Adobe Indesign CS6.

      Is there a way to make it work?

      Here I’m attaching a  video of what I did here https://somup.com/c0Xn3IghT3

      Please let me know if I’m doing something wrong

      Thank you

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        Hi Marco,

        I had a look at the file.

        The reason it’s not working for you is that all the text frames are threaded together in one long story.

        To get it to work, you’ll need to split each text frame so that each frame is a separate story.

        So, after you paste your list of names from Excel, and create one long story with 10,000 names, you’ll need to separate each frame!

        The good news is that there’s a script that comes with InDesign that does that with one click. It’s called “Split Story.jsx”, and you’ll find it in the Scripts Panel in InDesign, inside the folder Application > Samples.

        So, select a text frame, run Split Story, and then run Fit Text, and everything should work.

        Does that make sense?


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          Dear Ariel,


          thank you a lot for your help. It worked! And I’ve been using it for a while now.


          Thank you for your advices


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