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    Gopa Campbell

      Hi, I am having this problem intermittently with LineNumbers. It seems to affect long documents the  most. The problem is that instead of using the LineNumbers stylesheet, the script puts the text into the “Basic” style, in black. I have dealt with the problem by making a character style which has the red color and is in 9pt Minion, and then apply it all text on this layer. But I wonder what the issue is and why it tends to happen on long documents. If I pull some of the text out of the long document and put it into a new shorter one, LineNumbers works correctly. I have also tried saving the long document as IDML and then opening it and starting afresh with LineNumbers, but get the same issue. Can you help?

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        Hi Gopa,

        Line Numbers not only creates paragraph styles, but also object styles. As you prob. know, object styles can define which paragraph styles to use in them.

        It sounds to me a little like the Line Numbers object style has somehow been overridden, and is no longer applying the Line Numbers paragraph style.

        Whatever the case, the best way to reset the styles is to delete them and rerun Line Numbers. If it doesn’t find them in the document, it will rebuild them from scratch.

        So I would recommend deleting the Line Numbers object style, paragraph style, and maybe even the Line Numbers layer (though that shouldn’t really be necessary).

        Does that help?


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          P.S. I see that about a year ago you posted the same question here, and I gave the same answer. You posted back to say that my suggestion didn’t resolve the issue.

          If it doesn’t resolve it, could you send me an email, attaching the problematic file? That way I can take a look to see if I can figure out what’s going on.

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          Gopa Campbell

            Ah — I didn’t know about the object style. I see now that the problem is that the box the line numbers are in do not have that object style. The style is the list of object styles, but does not have the stylesheet definition attached to it. So I fixed that and then did “replace numbers,” and and everything worked fine. I am still curious why this happens with long documents. I can’t actually send you the document as it would be a huge breach of ethics with the publisher. What I did do was strip out all the text — it was continuous from beginning to end–and replace all 792 pages  with “placeholder text.” to which I applied at least one of every style sheet. (There are 42 styles.) This time LineNumbers worked correctly, so I’m guessing there was some strange error in the original text. Thank you for taking the time with me. I tend to get a little forensic with these things, but since I don’t know how to write scripts, I am at a bit of a loss when troubleshooting.

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              No problem, glad you got it sorted out.

              I can’t think of a text issue which would affect the formatting of the line numbers. My best guess is that during the course of typesetting a long document you somehow accidentally redefined the line numbers object style, perhaps.

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