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    Dove Press

      Hi Ariel,

      I have placed multiple PDFs into an InDesign document to “recreate” a book layout for a client (who messed up his page sizes). I’ve set up 2 Object styles, one for left-of-spread, and one for right. The object styles correctly resize and position the object frames as needed. The challenge is that there are over 1600 pages, so manually applying the object styles is laborious and potentially error prone.

      Can MasterMatic help me achieve this? If so, what’s the fastest way?

      Thanks for your hard work and excellent scripts.

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        Hi Daniel,

        I don’t think Mastermatic can help here to be honest. It doesn’t apply object styles, it applied master pages.

        But it should be a simple virtually one-line script. (I’m in a meeting so I can’t suggest anything right now). Have you tried ChatGPT? It’s usually useless, but perhaps for a one-liner…


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