Fully-automated Complex Layouts with Multi-column Footnotes in InDesign made easy!

Footwork is a suite of InDesign add-ons (scripts) that finally gives complete control over footnote layout.

With Footwork you can:

  • Set footnotes in multiple columns (while retaining a single-column format for the main text).
  • Set footnotes in a single column spanning the entire page (while the main text is set in multiple columns).
  • Set run-on footnotes! (Run-on footnotes do not each begin a new paragraph or line. Instead, each footnote continues on the same line as the previous footnote.)
  • Improve page layout by breaking up long footnotes into “virtual” mini-footnotes, allowing much better synchronization of the main text and a long footnote (avoid the familiar situation where InDesign places a single line of main text at the top of a page and a massive footnote at the bottom of the page)!
  • Use any graphic or vector shape or text frame for the footnote divider.
  • Automate the layout of up to 4 (!) multiple texts per page! (Main text + InDesign’s built-in footnotes with footnote text + ID’s built-in footnotes = 4 texts!)
  • Allow footnotes to begin on the next page after the footnote reference in the main text (optional, but useful for texts with very long footnotes). This avoids those familiar large white gaps that can sometimes appear in InDesign between the main text and the footnotes, usually occurring when two footnote references appear too close together in the main text.

The following screenshots demonstrate just two of the infinite layout possibilities that are easy to implement with Footwork.

1. Main text in two columns. Footnote text in single column. Footnotes to the footnote text. Total: 3 parallel texts.

Sample Layout 1

Layout demonstrating three (3) parallel texts (click to enlarge)

2. Main text in two columns. Footnotes in single column, run on.

Layout demonstrating run-on footnotes (click to enlarge)

Layout demonstrating run-on footnotes (click to enlarge)

Trial Version and Detailed Instructions

Download a trial version of Footwork by clicking here. Included in the package is a detailed User Guide to help you make the most of Footwork‘s amazing capabilities.

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Money-back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with Footowork for any reason, simply let us know within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

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“Footwork is an essential tool for automating complex layouts with multi-column or run-on footnotes!”

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Footwork: $385

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System Requirements

  • InDesign CS4 or higher
  • Windows or Mac computer

Trial Download

Click on the button to download a trial version of Footwork, including the full User Guide. The trial version is limited to 15-page documents.

Video Tutorial

This short video demonstrates using Footwork to set footnotes in a 2-column layout.