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Fit Text

New! Version 2 Now Out!

Version 2 of the popular Fit Text script is a complete rewrite of the original script.

New features:

  • Make all the text in an entire story of threaded text frames fit!
  • Fit by object styles: Run the script, select an object style from the new dropdown, and all text frames with that style applied will be changed!
  • Or… select multiple frames and run the script. It will now work on all selected frames!
  • Works with text frames that have been rotated, sheared, and/or flipped!
  • Works even if graphics with text wrap collide with any of the frames.
  • Drastic speed improvements!

Why is it better than the free scripts?

There are a few free scripts out there that will also fit text to a given frame.

Fit Text works very differently to the free scripts. Apart from the extra features (such as running it on an object-style basis, fitting text to an entire story of threaded frames, etc), and the support you get from a commercial product, Fit Text to Frame is fundamentally different

It does not just increase or decrease the size of text. It resizes everything proportionally, including indents, space before and after, leading, tabs, inline graphics, paragraphs, and just about anything that can be put in an InDesign text frame.

There is no free script out there that even comes close!

How It Works

Fit Text will fit your text to the size of the text frame it’s in. If there is room, it will enlarge the text as much as possible to fit within the text frame. It is a complete InDesign copyfitting solution.

The script will also reduce the text if there is overset text, to ensure that all the text fits into the frame.

Text is NOT distorted. It is simply enlarged or reduced by the precise amount necessary to make it as large as possible within the text frame, or to make it just small enough so that it all fits within the text frame.

Fit Text now works on entire InDesign stories. If you’ve got a limited amount of space, but must get all the provided copy into that space, run Fit Text and all the text will be reduced just the right amount to make it fit in the available space.

Likewise, if the last frame of a story is half empty, run Fit Text and all the text will be enlarged just enough to fill the frames.

If you miss CorelDraw’s text-fitting feature and would like to see it in InDesign, this is the script for you!

Quick Video Tutorial


There are two ways to use this script:

(1) Select one or more text frames and run the script. The script will enlarge or reduce the contents of all the selected frames as needed. Note that the script affects all the text in the parent story of those text frames. So if you’ve got threaded text frames, and you select one frame, the entire story will be resized. (If you only want to modify a single frame, make sure it is not threaded to any others.)

(2) Deselect everything (Edit>Deselect All) and run the script. You will be shown a simple UI allowing you to select an object style. Select the desired style and click OK. The script will find all text frames with the chosen style applied, and enlarge or reduce their story contents as needed.

The script checks each text frame:

  • If it is overset (with a little red plus sign showing), it will reduce the font just sufficiently so that all the text fits inside the frame.
  • If the frame is not overset, the script will try to enlarge the text just sufficiently so that it fits the frame.


Download and install the script into your InDesign scripts folder as usual.

Trial version

A trial version can be downloaded here. In trial mode, Fit Text only works with single-page documents plus other limitations.

Instant Download

To purchase the full version of Fit Text for only $49, click the “Buy Now” button. Your product and serial numbers will be available for instant download when you complete the purchase.

Money-back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with Fit Text for any reason, simply let us know within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

Buy Now

“For just $49, 'Fit Text' is
an amazing InDesign timesaver!”

Buy Now

Fit Text: $49.00

For multiple licenses (5 or more), please contact us to arrange a discount.


System Requirements

  • InDesign CS4 or higher (including CC2018)
  • Windows or Mac computer

Trial Download

Click on the button to download a trial version of Fit Text to Frame.

Your thoughts here
  1. Hi,

    Can I use this script with Data Merge in Indesign?


    Walter Chongo
    • Hi Walter,
      Sure – do the datamerge. Use an object style for the text frames that get populated. Then deselect everything and run FitText and select the target object style, and everything will fit itself to the size of its parent container.
      If you run into any difficulties, get in touch: admin [at]

  2. Hi Walter,
    We are a school stationery supply business and looking at supplying student name labels. There would be multiple labels on a A4 sized page but labels would differ in size and hence the text box and text size. Is there a way to assign FitText to a master/template page before performing a data merge in Indesign? Just thinking of streamlining workflow as we would literally have hundreds if not thousands of pages to print?

    • Hi Bill,
      FitText works great with data merge. It can’t be linked to a template as such, but after you do the datamerge, you can easily fit all the text in all the frames in the entire document to the size of their container.

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