One-click translation of your InDesign document!
Id-Extra’s Translate add-on for InDesign uses the power of DeepL™ (and/or Google™ Translate) to change your document’s language while retaining the document’s look, layout, and formatting!

December 2022 update: We have switched to as our main machine-translating provider. (However, the old Google Translate add-on is included in the download package as well.)

Translate‘s main features let you:

  • Choose any of 27 languages (or more than 100+ if you choose to use the Google Translate script)!
  • Use the power of DeepL’s neural machine translation engine (NMT) (where available) to generate a best-in-class machine translation of any InDesign document!
  • Preserve the formatting and layout of the source document so the final result will look identical to the source!
  • Convert the document to language-appropriate Lorem Ipsum text, maintaining formatting and layout!
  • Supply your own technical glossary: Provide a separate word list for each language for technical words and phrases to ensure consistency and accuracy!
  • “I just received my key and first purchase for your translator to Spanish from English in InDesign. I am both a translator Spanish, book designer, and author. Your script is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! Where have you been all of my life. I have been translating books the long old fashion way for over 30 years! There have even been times I have assigned projects to other translators who have charged me dearly for their services. I can’t believe that your translator maintains the same type and formatting of my original English document. I have checked the quality of the translator script and it is excellent Spanish. I had my fiancée who is from Colombia read some of the translations and she also says that the translations are correct and coherent. I see that the translations need minimum post editing. You are pure genius. I love you and your service. I will be using your services A LOT!! Thank you so much for appearing at just the right time. I am now translating a 240+ page book from English to Spanish – and it is a breeze. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!”
    Charles Prosper -
  • “This Translate add-on for Indesign just saved me 4 hours of work!! I needed to translate my guide book, 110 pages long, from Swedish to English. The Translate add-on makes a great foundation! (It still needs proofreading and a hands-on translation of specific phrases and topics.) Since it preserved all formatting everything was translated in a blast! The method I used for the first part of the book was copying each page and text box, pasting it into Google Translate and then pasting it back. And the formatting always messed up, skipping a line or changing headers. Not having to do this routine saved me the four hours I planned!”
    Henrik Pallin -

No Up-Front Costs!

Integrate Translate into your InDesign translation workflow without an initial major investment of time and money.

Download Translate, buy (for starters) a $14.95 Translation Key, and you’ve got 1-click InDesign document translation at your fingertips!

There is no up-front investment, and no commitment. Try it, and be amazed!

Save $1000s of Dollars Every Month on Translation Costs

DeepL’s NMT engine, which Translate uses, is phenomenal! We all remember machine translations from a few years back which were pretty dreadful. But technology has advanced in leaps and bounds, and the situation today is different.

If you haven’t checked out the latest developments in machine translation, you’re in for a surprise!

Do you still need a post-translation editor? Of course! But the costs of editing are much lower than translation from scratch!

Why not give Translate a test drive and see for yourself!

System Requirements

Requires InDesign CS6 or higher on Windows or Mac computers. Works also with the latest version of InDesign.

Upgrade to a Neural Machine-Translation Post-Editing Worflow

Post-editing machine translations (also known as MTPE, or Neural-MTPE) is an increasingly popular translation workflow. Up to 40% time-savings are reported by some studies.

The way MTPE works is that the initial translation is done by a computer. The result is then post-edited by an editor.

Translate for InDesign facilitates this workflow in two important ways:

(1) You translate your document using DeepL’s powerful NMT without leaving InDesign. Layout, formatting, character and paragraph styles are all retained! So no messy (and lossy) IDML exporting needed as with other systems.

(2) You do the post-editing also right inside InDesign or InCopy with the advantage for the editor that they are working on the document itself and can see everything in context. Using traditional computer-assisted translation systems, each phrase is presented separately in a table, waiting to be translated or edited. This is an unnatural way for a human being to read a text, and again studies have shown that many editors and translators forgo taking advantage of computer-assisted translations solely for this reason, preferring instead to translate the whole thing manually in Word, where they can see full sentences and paragraphs.

With Translate this becomes a non-issue. The editor works on the InDesign or InCopy document, with all sentences and paragraphs displayed in full and adjacent to any images, graphics or tables that they may refer to in the layout, as the designer intended, and as the end-user will themselves see the document.


Translate uses as “pay-as-you-go” system:

The first step is to buy a “Translation Key”. This costs a fixed fee: $14.95 USD, which comes with a $5 USD credit, enough to translate 100,000 characters with Google Translate (very roughly 14,000 words), or 80,000 characters with the new DeepL engine.

The second step is optional. At any stage, you may top-up your Translation Key with extra credit. You may purchase as much credit as needed (you will be asked to type in the amount you want; the minimum is $10, but if you need another $100, say, type in $100).

So normally you will only ever need to buy 1 single Translation Key, which you can then fill up with as much credit as needed. But if you want to keep track of how much is spent on multiple projects, or if there are several people in the office using Translate and you want to keep track of how much each person has used, then you can buy additional Translation Keys as needed.

But generally, even for several people working on multiple computers, a single, shared Translation Key is enough.


To learn how to use all of Translate‘s features including setting up a custom dictionary, a full User Guide is available here.

Instant Download

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Buy Now

Translation Key: $14.95 USD only, including 80,000-character credit (worth $5 USD)

If you already have a Translation Key, you can purchase additional credit here.


System Requirements

  • InDesign CS6 or higher (including InDesign 2024*)
  • Windows or Mac computer

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