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Live Index now works with ePubs!

RobotIndexingLive Index will convert all the page numbers in your book’s index into live links. So when the user clicks on the page numbers in the PDF or ePub, he or she will be taken to the right page.

Live Index works with any text. It does not require the index to have been built with InDesign’s indexing feature. Even if the index was created by hand and pasted into the InDesign document, Live Index will still be able to convert all the numbers to live links.

Live Index works excellently whether your document is a single InDesign file (.indd), an InDesign book (.indb), or any other combination.

Live Index works with InDesign CS5 and higher, on PC and Mac. (If you need a version for CS4, please contact us.)

Go from this:

Index without live links

to this:

Index with live links

in a few mouse clicks (the rectangles around the page numbers are for illustration purposes – to demonstrate where the live links have been created; the script provides the option to remove them).


  • Supports ePub and PDF export.
  • Works with any index – does not require use of InDesign’s indexing feature.
  • Works with single documents, InDesign books, or any combination of documents.
  • Mark the page numbers to convert with a character style before running the script, or let the script find the page numbers itself.
  • Intelligently deals with number ranges such as 134–52. Understands in this case “52” actually means page 152.
  • Works with InDesign CS5 and higher on Mac and PC.


Live Index Screenshot

Note Regarding ePubs

It is important to realize that Live Index cannot link the entry in the index to the exact word on the page in the ePub. What Live Index does instead, when set to ePub export mode, is to link each page number in the index to the first word on the original page of the book. So, if the index entry guides us to page 72, Live Index will link to the first word currently on page 72 of the InDesign file.

Thinking about it, this is actually exactly the information that an index contains. An index simply guides us to the relevant page. It does not tell us exactly where on that page to find the relevant topic. Live Index does the same, by linking to the first word on the page.

Please note that this is only when Live Index is set to ePub export mode. When it is set to PDF export mode, it links directly to the page, not to any text on the page!


You can download a trial version of this script here. It will create up to 12 links per index.

Instant Download

To purchase the full version of Live Index for only $69, click the “Buy Now” button. Your product and serial numbers will be available for instant download when you complete the purchase.

Money-back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with Live Index for any reason, simply let us know within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

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“I would not have been able to get an electronic index without it.”

—Sandee Cohen, InDesign Guru

Buy Now

Live Index: $69.00

For multiple licenses (5 or more), please contact us to arrange a discount.


System Requirements

  • InDesign CS5 or higher
  • Windows or Mac computer

Trial Download

Click on the button to download a limited trial version.

Your thoughts here
  1. Can you add a custom prefix function for that script? That would make things much easier!

    • I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “custom prefix”. Could you elaborate or give an example?

      • It works perfectly for the index or TOC. But it would be great to use it for the whole document.
        Maybe you could add a field where I could write a regular expression which will be handled as the page prefix.
        For example my document’s pages have “p. ” as a prefix. I run the script and it links all strings that have starts with p. followed by a number with the corresponding page.

        • Now I understand. Well, you can actually do this already! It takes 2 steps:

          (1) Mark all page numbers throughout your document with a character style — call it “page-numbers” or something. You can use a GREP find/change to do this easily if all your page numbers have a standard prefix such as “p.”, as you mention.

          (2) Run LiveIndex. For Step 1, “Tell us where the index is”, choose the option “This entire document is the index”. For Step 2, “How can we tell which numbers refer to page numbers in the book?”, choose the option “Only numbers with this character style are page references”, and select the character style you created and applied to the page numbers with the GREP search.

          That’s it! LiveIndex will search through the entire document, and wherever it finds a number with the character style applied, it will turn it into a live hyperlink. Easy! (However, the “p.” prefix itself will not become part of the live hyperlink.)

  2. Hi,

    I am interested of the live index for Indesign. I am currently using Indesign CC 2015. I was wondering if this is the one we are looking for. I was wondering if there is demo that we can try or show us how it’s work.
    Please feel free to contact me [details redacted].

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