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    Just a few points:

    (1) If you create a text field outside the table, apply a paragraph style to it (and an object style as well to be on the safe side), and copy it, you can then paste-paste-paste inside each cell in the table in turn. InDesign will increment the name of the field –  it should not be necessary to create all the fields outside the table in advance.

    (2) Regarding mass editing: If you have applied a paragraph style and object style to this field, you can mass-edit many properties by modifying the paragraph style or object style. This would include adding or changing a stroke around the field, changing the alignment, the colour, the font, etc. etc. So hopefully in most cases you wouldn’t need to do this one by one. (Note, also, that currently FormMaker does not allow selecting several fields and editing their properties all at once. Whether they’re in a table or outside of it, this would need to be done one by one. Hopefully a future update will change this, but for now, that’s how it works.)

    (3) I can provide you with a script that will resize all text fields to the size of the cells they’re in. I’ve already got one.

    I think the idea of aligning to a grid and overlaying is asking for trouble, unless you’re really sure that the layout is final!