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    Clark Kenyon

    Just purchased this script and it works well, but for one problem. I’m laying out a book where certain passages have be followed by a column wide line. Since I want to be able to convert this to bottom-border when I export the book to ePub, I’m creating the line with a paragraph style I’m calling Divider Reading. It’s an empty paragraph with an underline character as a tab leader. I formatted the document with the following style to be the Body Text style. Then the client decided they wanted a different style (which I’ll call Para After Reading) to follow the divider. That’s where the script came in handy. But what happened is, when I ran the script, in addition to changing that first Body Text paragraph to Para After Reading, it also converted every Divider Reading (the previous paragraph style) to No Paragraph Style. I had to go through and convert all these back to Divider Reading.

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    Hi Clark,
    That definitely shouldn’t be happening. It could be a bug, or perhaps your Change Consec settings are wrong.
    Could you post a screenshot of the way you set up Change Consecutive Paragraphs? I’ll have a look.

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    Clark Kenyon

    I didn’t take a screenshot of the set up. I tried to reproduce the problem, but the script worked properly. So, no idea of what I did wrong before.

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