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      I have one question about Footwork script. Can I join again the footnotes to the main text frame?
      Im asking because I ran the script and now I would like convert the same footnotes to End notes.
      Do you think it could be possible?


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        Hi Samuel,
        Footwork has no built-in method of converting detached footnotes back to live footnotes again (so that they can then be converted to endnotes).
        However, the idea is a good one, because I think there could be several advantages of getting Footwork to use endnote text as the footnote text, because it allows for a certain amount of built-in control of the numbering, and if you delete a reference the footnote gets deleted. It also makes it easier, perhaps, to insert new footnotes.
        A disadvantage would be that you lose the flexibility Footwork gives you if you need anything beyond simple sequential numbering.

        There are a few scripts that attempt to convert text back to footnotes, though.
        Peter Kahrel’s: https://creativepro.com/files/kahrel/indesign/endnotes_to_footnotes.html
        And Jongware’s script which he posts in this forum topic, but read the instructions carefully: https://community.adobe.com/t5/indesign/loosing-footnotes-when-placing-word-in-indesign/td-p/5128955

        I’ll be interested to know if you get either of those to work!


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          Hi Ariel, thank you for your reply.
          I have tried use the scripts you said but now the Footwork notes are not Indesign footnotes in the indd document. So the scripts do not recognize footnotes to work with. I need export the .indd document that I applied Footwork to fluid-layout EPUB. This is why I need to link the footnotes with the footnote-numbers in the main text frame. Do you think it would be possible?

          …I could use the first .indd files without apply Footwork, but the last changes in main text and footnotes are not in this files. Last version have Footwork apply.

          Any ideas to convert the new (Footwork)Footnotes to Indesign footnotes?



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            Hi Samuel,
            I do think that the simplest way would be to convert the current (pretend) footnotes to proper footnotes.
            Peter Kahrel’s script should work. When he says “endnotes”, he just means text at the end of the chapter, since he wrote the script before InDesign had real endnotes.
            I should definitely be possible to get that script to work, provided your (pretend) footnotes are only a single paragraph long and have a unique style applied to them.
            By the way, I see at the bottom of that page that he offers (for a fee) to help with the conversion. Not sure if that’s still the case.

            I will definitely consider adding something to Footwork to convert it’s footnotes to endnotes, since this is useful not just for ePub export but actually for managing the footnotes. However, it will take a while before I get round to doing so.

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              Hello Ariel,
              You are right!!!!!! I simplified the paragraph styles so the script works fine. I did not know that this script could work with normal paragraphs (without proper footnotes).
              And… Yes, Would be great add to Footwork the ability to convert footnotes into endnotes!
              Thank you very much for your help!


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