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      I purchased Mastermatic a few months ago and have been using it quite a bit. It’s a wonderful script and a great time saver!

      However, I recently realized that when I run Mastermatic on a document that has anchored objects (such as images) in the flow of the text (which I often do), those objects are often modified in some way after Mastermatic has run. Sometimes the overall size of the object changes, sometimes the frame of the object has changed size or shape, and sometimes the object is gone altogether (although it’s anchor is still there).

      I am using ID 2020 (on a Mac), and I tried checking the “Enable pre-2019 layout adjustment” box, but it did not make a difference.

      This is frustrating because it means that after running Mastermatic I have to fix or redo many of the anchored objects. So in the end I am not saving time, but rather making more work.

      Thanks in advance for any help and advice you can provide!

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        Hi jlhopes,

        My hunch is that it’s not anything to do with Mastermatic. The way to test it is this: Try applying the new master page that Mastermatic applies, manually. If you do it manually, do you still find that these anchored objects move around?


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          You are right, it happens even when applying the master page manually. Guess I should have thought to try that, sorry!

          If anyone knows how to deal with this issue in a more general way (not related to Mastermatic), I’d still appreciate any advice.

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            No problem. A before/after screenshot would be interesting.
            What I would try, though, is to make sure that you’ve got InDesign’s Layout Adjustment feature switched off in every possible place.
            Also, does the new master page have different margins than the old one?
            Are you using a “primary text frame” on the master page?
            I think that normally, if the old and new master pages have the same margins and you’re not using a primary text frame (or are, but it is identical on both master pages), it would be weird if things moves when you apply the new one. Again, a screenshot (showing all the hidden characters and frame guides, etc.) might be useful.

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              I don’t have screenshots at the moment, but one example where it happens consistently is when applying a “chapter start” master page over the regular “body text” master page. I am not using primary text frames (I never do), but the chapter start master does have a wider top margin. I have an anchored graphic after the chapter title that gets reduced in size when the new master page is applied. But if I switch off Layout Adjustment, then the text box won’t adjust to the new margins, will it? Obviously I want it to do so.

              I have also had it happen that, after using Mastermatic to apply master pages through an entire book, some of the anchored objects (mainly those appearing later in the book) disappear completely. The paragraph in which they are placed is still there, but the object is no longer visible. I haven’t yet figured out the exact circumstances under which that happens.

              Many thanks again for your suggestions.

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