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    Hi Castor-Designs,

    Above, I wrote that the permission has to be set to “editable” or “installable”, so I’m not sure why “preview/print”, which is a stricter level, should work. I’ll need to look into it some more.

    Also two more questions:
    – Is it recommended to use the purge command or rather not for best compatibility?

    When you’re ready to distribute the PDF, yes, you should definitely use the Purge command to reduce the PDF file size. It makes no difference to compatibility.

    – I have seen some pdf forms where the font size adapts to the amount of text: When more text is written the size gets decreased (Video with timestamp). Do you know how to achieve this?

    You can do this with FormMagic by setting the text size to 12.345. More info: https://www.id-extras.com/help/formmagic/#:~:text=3.2%20%C2%A0%20%C2%A0The%20magic%20font%20size%3A%2012.345pt!