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      I just got FormMaker Pro and am trying to create a date picker, but so far have been unable to figure out how to do it. I have read over the documentation and searched the forum but haven’t found anything outlining how to do this. Please help!

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        Hi Brian,

        The process is very simple: Create a text frame, turn it into a text field. Then, with FormMaker, apply one of the “Date” formats to it. Export to Interactive PDF with FormMaker. Then, in Acrobat, after you click on “FormMaker” at the bottom of the Edit menu, the field becomes a date picker.

        Here’s a quick video: https://app.screencast.com/s34n5Odgc5IM4




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          Thanks for the quick reply!! In general should I use text fields instead of the rectangle frame tool to create my form inputs, or is that only with certain types of inputs?

          I’m also looking for any other tips and tricks that might help with the particular document I’m working on. I’m really excited about finally getting FormMaker, and I want to use to to it’s fullest potential to create a truly impressive document.

          I’m creating a guide/sign-off sheet for our subcontractors to use when preparing basketball courts for painting. They will have the PDF saved to their device (probably ipad, so I know interactivity may be limited, but maybe some of that can be kept by having them use the Fill & Sign app I hope), and for each new court they work on, they will open the PDF and work through each page, signing off as they go.
          There’s a page for:
          Job Name (text field)
          Court Size (dropdown/combo)
          Project Supervisor (text field)
          Start Date (date picker)
          Each following page lists one step in the process along with measurements, and at the bottom of each page are text fields that will eventually be formatted for workers to initial for each step.
          The last page of the document will be the final sign-off with Name, Date, and Signature inputs for two different people (lead painter and project supervisor), along with buttons to print (save filled copy of pdf) and send (email a completed copy to our company and the basketball league).

          I would be very grateful for any info you can provide, even if it’s just various documentation with tips for these use-cases. Thanks again and I’m looking forward to getting to know FormMaker!

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            Hi Brian,

            Text fields are probably better, because you can set the font, size, colour and alignment in text fields with an InDesign paragraph style. If you were to use rectangles, you’d have to select each frame individually and set its properties in FormMaker, which is much slower.

            Regarding using iPads for viewing the interactive PDFs: I’m not sure how much interactivity they support, so this is something worth checking before investing a huge amount of time on the form.

            So for the text fields, I think everything’s straightforward.

            For the dropdowns and combos, note that there’s now a button to batch import values, which can make life a lot easier if there are many choices.

            For the Date fields, I think that’s sorted now?

            If you have specific questions about anything, post back. Happy to help if I can.

            I’ve got to break for the weekend now. But I’ll look out for any other questions.

            Good luck!

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