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    Hello, with your FormMaker addon for InDesign, is it possible to create a two-column table with an ‘Add Row’ feature? The form user can enter values in each column and then click ‘Add Row’ to add more rows as required, for more fields.

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    The thing about FormMaker is that it doesn’t actually add capabilities that you can’t do in Acrobat. It just brings Acrobat into InDesign, so to speak, so that pretty much everything you can do to an interactive form in Acrobat you can now do in InDesign. The advantage, of course, is that you can create the entire form in InDesign and not have to keep going back to Acrobat to make changes and add interactivity to your form, it can all be done in InDesign.

    Now, to answer you actual question: Essentially, creating form fields on the fly would be something that can be done in Acrobat, and so it can be done with FormMaker in InDesign as well. But, it does take a good knowledge of Acrobat form scripting!
    So if you are able to write such a script in Acrobat – i.e., something that responds to a mouse click on a button and adds extra form fields in predetermined places – then that script could be inserted in InDesign.

    I offer some basic Acroform scripting help for anyone who purchases an annual license for FormMaker, so if you were to do that I could point you in the right direction to put together such a script.
    Otherwise, there are some excellent people on the Adobe Acrobat scripting forum, and they might be able to help as well.

    Hope that answer the question somewhat!

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    Hello, I think your tool might be what I need. I have a couple more questions.

    Can you tell me if FormMaker for InDesign includes a scripting console like in Adobe Acrobat?

    How about ‘reflow’ with features like ‘Add Row’? Is it possible for everything on the form to shift down when you add multiple new rows?

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    (1) FormMaker does not include a scripting console. The assumed workflow is that you develop all the scripts for your forms in Acrobat. When everything is working and ready, you can then copy the script into your form field in InDesign using FormMaker. FormMaker does have several text-edit areas for each form field in the document where you can paste the scripts you have written.

    (2) Reflow: It would be possible to script this in Acrobat, yes, but again, it depends on your scripting skill.


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