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      We are having an issue in the team with Mastermatic that I was hoping you could help me with.

      When running the Mastermatic 2.2.5 script in indesign 2020, the images sometimes are altered in size or shape, or they disappear altogether (although the “image paragraph” or anchored point remains in place). This required manually putting the images back, which ends up taking a lot of time. Usually, the pages closer to the beginning are still okay, but especially in the latter half of the book, many of the images disappear completely. Some others are still there, but the object frames might have been altered so that the whole image is no longer showing.

      I see you have a post on your page mentioning a bug that was fixed on Mastermatic 2.3.3. Would that bug be the image issue we are having? Would updating to 2.3.3 fix the issue? Please, let me know. If it is not the case, would you please point me in the right direction to find the solution for missing the images when running the script?

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        Hi Thernandez,

        This sounds similar to the issue here: http://id-extras.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=55
        From the sounds of it, this is an InDesign bug. Check out that thread, and let me know if it relates to your problem.

        You can always update to the latest version of your product (in this case Mastermatic) here: https://www.id-extras.com/shopping-cart/my-account/


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          Hi Ariel

          Yes, that is exactly the issue we are having.

          However, I am not able to see a solution to the problem on that forum http://id-extras.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=55
          What is interesting is that we have been using Id 2020 for a while on multiple projects with multiple images, and the problem doesn’t occur to all of file.
          In addition, as in the post from jlhopes, if we switch off Layout Adjustment, then the text box won’t adjust to the new margins. And that is basically the action that we need the Mastermatic to perform.

          Would you tell for sure this is a bug from Id 2020 and nothing to do with the script? Is Id 2021 safe from this problem?


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            The thing is, as established in that other thread, the issue occurs with InDesign also if the master pages are applied manually. In other words, this isn’t actually a Mastermatic issue, the bug originates with InDesign.
            I can’t say whether the issue is resolved in 2021, because I have not experienced it myself. If you would like to send me an .indd and describe exactly what steps to take to reproduce the problem, I will try to have a look if I find some time.

            Mastermatic does have a checkbox that says “Enable pre-2019 layout adjustment”. Have you tried: (1) switching off InDesign’s Adjust Layout feature, and (2) enabling this checkbox?
            Doing so should bypass any issues with the Adjust Layout feature, and may solve the problem.
            Let me know how it goes!

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