We’re pleased to announce that the DeepL Translate script has been updated to version 3.2.0, with two major improvements!

Let’s Keep It Informal!

It is now possible to select the formality level when making a translation!

DeepL does not support formality levels for all languages, but for those languages that do support it, you can now choose between 3 formality levels, default, more and less, right inside Translate.

If the target language does not support this option, it will be greyed-out in the Translate window.

“The formal/informal feature allows you to choose between formal and informal tone of voice for your translation. In particular, the feature determines the pronouns and related words used in your translation.

“For example, the phrase Thank you for using DeepL Pro! can be translated to German differently depending on the situation and social relationship between the speaker and the target audience. In the formal context, the pronoun Sie will be used, so the formal translation could be Vielen Dank, dass Sie DeepL Pro verwenden!. In informal situations, the pronoun du is preferred, so the appropriate translation could be Danke, dass du DeepL Pro benutzt!”

More details here: https://support.deepl.com/hc/en-us/articles/4406432463762-About-the-formal-informal-feature

Better Accuracy to Match the Online Translator

This improvement is probably more important than the headline one above! (What good are formality levels if the translation is inaccurate!)

We received many comments saying that the online DeepL translation gives better results than Translate.

The problem was a difficult one to identify and solve. It turns out that the fault lay with InDesign’s ICML export, which unexpectedly and unnecessarily created splits in the middle of words and sentences.

The workaround was tricky, basically involving massaging the ICML output to produce more coherent and systematic output.

But the result is great! Translations created with Translate now produce results that are in most cases identical to the high-quality online translation.

If you’ve suffered from this in the past when running our Translate add-on, I strongly recommend downloading the latest version and giving it another try. I think you’ll be surprised at the improvement in quality in many cases!

Download the Free Update

Download the latest version of Translate for free, here: https://www.id-extras.com/products/translate/ and/or from the My Account page if you’ve previously downloaded it.

The new version works with your old Translation Key and any remaining credit.