Here’s a little routine that will paste text in a more expected way than InDesign handles it. Fuller explanation to come, time permitting, but check out the link to the Adobe Forums below to understand the issue.

This script was written in answer to a question asked here:

// BS"D
// Paste Logically
// An InDesign script Copyright (c) Bookraft LLC, 2017
// Another freebie script from
// This code is released under the GNU Public License (GPL)

var main = function(){
   var s = app.selection[0];
   if (s.hasOwnProperty("baseline") === false) return;
   var s1 = s.insertionPoints[0];
   var s2 = s.insertionPoints[-1];
   s1.parentStory.insertionPoints.itemByRange(s1, s2).remove();
   app.doScript (main, undefined, undefined,UndoModes.ENTIRE_SCRIPT, "Paste Logically")

To use, copy into a text editor (not Word!).
Save the file with a .jsx extension.
Copy to the InDesign scripts folder.
Assign a shortcut key for easy access (you could override the default Ctrl-V, but that’s probably not a good idea).

Have fun!